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3D Element Properties

This defines the type and properties ascribed to each 3D Element Property Number. Properties can be edited using the “3D Property Definition”.



The name is only used as a convenient way of identifying a 3D element property.

Element Type

Whether it is a solid or infinite element (infinite elements are used to model the surrounding areas in soil modelling.


Users may assign an axis to be used to define the orientation of32D elements. If the axis is set to local the orientation of the element will be determined from the topology (point 1 and point 2 will be taken to define the x axis). If another axis (global or user defined) is assigned here then that axis will be projected on to the element to determine its orientation.

Material Analysis

The material definition breaks into three parts. The first part is the material type. This is one of:

  • Steel – gives option to assign to various steel design properties to the section
  • Concrete – gives option to assign reinforcement information to the section
  • FRP – allows a set of properties for various grades
  • Glass – allows a set of properties for various grades
  • Aluminium – allows a set of properties for various grades
  • Timber – allows a set of properties for various grades
  • <undefined> – not associated with any grade

The grade defines the actual material design properties, which depend on the material type. New grades can be initialized from the standard grades for the current design code. The final material attribute is the analysis material. This defines a set of elastic properties. If a grade is specified it is possible to refer to this for the analysis material (from Grade). In this case the required analysis properties are inferred from the grade.