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GSA result import

Normally GSA is used to build and analyse models, but on occasions it is useful to bring results into GSA which may have been generated in some other program. This can be done with the Import > Results command, which uses a GWA format and requires some keywords to create a dummy analysis tasks and cases.

Required keywords

The file should contain a TASK record. This should be set to type generic e.g.


The GENERIC option tells GSA that this is a generic case which it cannot analyse.

Then for each analysis case an ANAL record


The R# option tells GSA that this is a response case and gives the case number.

Supported keywords

Once these headers are defined the rest of the file can be a GWA file with results. The following keywords can be included:

DISPnodal displacements
ROTNnodal rotations
DISP_ELEMelement displacements
ROTN_ELEMelement rotations
FORCE0D/1D element forces
MOMENT0D/1D element moments
FORCE_2D2D element forces
MOMENT_2D2D element moments
SHEAR_2D2D element shear forces
STRESS_2D2D element stresses
STRESS_3D3D element stresses
REACT_FORCEnodal reaction forces
REACT_MOMENTmodal reaction moments
TOTAL_FORCEtotal forces
TOTAL_MOMENTtotal moments
GLOB_ENERGYglobal energy
MAT_ENERGYmaterial energy
STRAIN_ENERGYelement strain energy