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Nodal Forces and Moments

Nodal Forces and Moments


Nodal Force and Moment result values

Note: This is a dropdown component and input/output may vary depending on the selected dropdown

Input parameters

Icon Type Name Description
ResultParamResult ListResultResult
ListParamListNode filter listFilter the Nodes by list. (by default 'all')
Node list should take the form:
1 11 to 72 step 2 not (XY3 31 to 45)
Refer to help file for definition of lists and full vocabulary.
IntegerParamIntegerAxisStandard Axis: Global (0), Local (-1), Natural (-2), Default (-10), XElevation (-11), YElevation (-12), GlobalCylindrical (-13), Vertical (-14)

Output parameters

Icon Type Name Description
UnitNumberUnit Number Force TreeForce X* Nodal Force in X-direction
UnitNumberUnit Number Force TreeForce Y* Nodal Force in Y-direction
UnitNumberUnit Number Force TreeForce Z* Nodal Force in Z-direction
UnitNumberUnit Number Force TreeForce |F|* Combined |XYZ| Nodal Force
UnitNumberUnit Number Moment TreeMoment XX* Nodal Moment around X-axis
UnitNumberUnit Number Moment TreeMoment YY* Nodal Moment around Y-axis
UnitNumberUnit Number Moment TreeMoment ZZ* Nodal Moment around Z-axis
UnitNumberUnit Number Moment TreeMoment |M|* Combined |XXYYZZ| Nodal Moment
IntegerParamInteger ListElement IDsElement IDs for each result value