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Data Generation Wizard : Roof Truss

The information supplied on this page provides a description of a roof truss, which is subsequently used to generate the structural model. The units of length are reported on the dialog, alongside a sketch of the structural form.



The user can choose to create analysis and/or design models with

  • Generate members
  • Generate elements

Width & Depth

Specify the width of the truss between supports and the depth of the truss at the ridge.

Use Bars for Bracing

Bar elements should be used for bracing. By default beam elements will be used.

Rafter, Ties & Bracing

Opens the Section Wizard to allow the rafter, tie and bracing section to be selected. This is marked as unspecified until a section is assigned when the actual section will be displayed.

Include Supports

Pin supports are created at the ends of the span. By default no restraints are applied to the model.

Include Self Weight

A gravity load is set up in load case 1. By default no loading is applied to the model.