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Data Generation Wizard : 2D Element Orthogonal Mesh

The information supplied on this page provides a description of a regular grid of 2D elements, which is subsequently used to generate the structural model. The units of length are reported on the dialog, alongside a sketch of the structural form.


Width, Number of Elements

Specify the overall width of the grid in the two directions. This width is subdivided by the number of elements in the two directions.

2D Property

Opens the 2D Element Property dialog to allow the element properties to be defined. This is marked as unspecified until a section is assigned when the actual section will be displayed.

Include Spacers

This generates spacer elements along the 2D element edges for use in form finding.

Internal & Edge

If spacers are to be generated this opens the spacer properties wizard to allow properties to be defined for internal spacer elements (those between 2D elements) and around the edge.

Generate Edge Elements

This generates 1D elements around the edge of the grid of the type selected.


If edge elements are to be generated this allows the properties for the edge elements to be specified.