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Generating imperfect geometry

Imperfection of the structure can be considered in different types of analyses. For example, it may be of interest to run a linear or nonlinear static analysis based on an imperfect initial geometry.

The following shows how an imperfect geometry can be defined based on the results of previous analyses. For example, the results of a modal buckling can be scaled to give an appropriate imperfection.

  1. Go to Model > Model tools > Create new model from deformed geometry to select an analysis case and specify either a scale factor or maximum imperfection applied to the displacements used to update the model geometry.


  1. Specify the case and scaling for the deformed geometry.
  • Case: The deformed geometry is specified as an analysis case.
  • Scaling: The deformed geometry can be scaled by a factor or to a predefined maximum displacement.
  • Orientation: The orientation angle can be adjusted to take account of the deformation.