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Analyse Model

Analyse Model


Assemble and Analyse a GSA Model

Note: This is a dropdown component and input/output may vary depending on the selected dropdown

Input parameters

Icon Type Name Description
GenericParamGeneric ListModel(s) and ListsExisting Model(s) to append to and Lists
If you input more than one model they will be merged
with first model in list taking priority for IDs
GenericParamGeneric ListPropertiesSections (PB), Prop2Ds (PA) and Prop3Ds (PV) to add/set in the model
Properties already added to Elements or Members
will automatically be added with Geometry input
GenericParamGeneric ListGSA GeometryNodes, Element1Ds, Element2Ds, Member1Ds, Member2Ds and Member3Ds to add/set in model
GenericParamGeneric ListLoadLoads to add to the model
You can also use this input to add Edited GridPlaneSurfaces
GenericParamGeneric ListAnalysis Tasks & CombinationsAnalysis Tasks and Combination Cases to add to the model

Output parameters

Icon Type Name Description
ModelParamModelModelGSA Model parameter
TextParamText ListErrorsAnalysis Task Errors
TextParamText ListWarningsAnalysis Task Warnings
TextParamText ListRemarksAnalysis Task Notes and Remarks
TextParamText ListLogsAnalysis Task logs